Your Hands Warn You for These 9 Health Problems

We all know when someone has a cold or the flu. Headache, fever, muscle pain, fatigue, nose blowing; they are all clear symptoms of weakened to poor resistance and/or health. But did you also know that your body also sends out fewer clear signals when things are not going well or going very well for you? From hair growth to bowel movements: every part of your body is influenced by your health. So, if things are not going so well, your body will let you know in various ways. One of these ways is by means of your hands.

1. Pins and needles
Do you ever have the feeling that someone is sticking several needles into your hands? Yes, this is probably a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome, also referred to as CTS. If it is an extreme sensation, the general practitioner would probably want to refer you to a specialist for further examinations and possible surgery. Do you have no or hardly any sensation in your hands? Call the ambulance emergency number. It could be that you have had a stroke!

2. “Trigger Finger”
This means that you have a finger that stays in the position you placed it and that you cannot bend or straighten it. This frequently means that a tendon is inflamed and can no longer move. Trigger fingers are common in people who have a chronic disease such as arthritis, diabetes or a thyroid disorder. Curious for the other signs? Check it out on the next page.