9 Makeup Mistakes Every Women Makes That Can Age You!

Everyone knows it: the makeup’s job is to highlight a woman’s beauty. There are several reasons to wear makeup. Most women use makeup to hide their pimples or other impurities they are uncertain about or just because they think it will make them more beautiful. But did you know that cosmetics can achieve the opposite effect as well? Many women make mistakes with their makeup or with the way they apply it and chances are that they do not even know that they make those mistakes because nobody told them they are doing it wrong. Well if you are reading this: consider these tips as your wake up call!

It is perfectly possible that you are not aware that you make those mistakes. Therefore, I have made a list of makeup mistakes women often make.

1. Mascara.
Mascara on the upper lashes makes your eyes more emphatic. Mascara put on the lower lashes, on the contrary, brings up wrinkles around the eyes, so be careful with applying mascara on your lower lashes. There is no big rule about ignoring your lower lashes, but try to make it look more natural. Nobody wants to have those clumpy lashes. Yikes!

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