Should I Hire A Nursing Home Malpractice Lawyer?

Nobody wants to go into a nursing home, but when someone needs a lot of medical attention, this is, unfortunately, the only option. To make this decision for someone else is difficult. It’s important to think this through because you want the best care for that person. Do you bear this responsibility for someone and do you suspect that they are mistreated or neglected through the fault of the (staff of) nursing home? Get help from an attorney specialized in nursing home law, negligence & malpractice.

Don’t know if you’ve got a case? Or if you should hire a nursing home lawyer? Check for the following things:

Incompetent Care
Nursing homes make an arrangement based on a person’s medical history. This state, among other things, that they must prevent the person in question from falling or having another accident. Unfortunately, in many nursing homes there is a shortage of staff, as a result of which they fall short in this or other care arrangements. This is unpleasant for the nursing home but much worse for the victim, who could be seriously injured as a result.

When can a nursing home be held responsible?

  • When they fail in preventing injury hazards & keeping their property safe;
  • Negligence in hiring & supervising inadequate employees;
  • Negligence in supervising someone who has issues with their balance;
  • When they fail in maintaining acceptable health and safety agreements for cleanliness and sanitation in their nursing home;
  • Incompetent medical care that causes harm to someone or their needs.

Injuries & Abuse
When someone is (systematically) mistreated, he or she most likely does not dare say anything, because he or she is afraid of the consequences. That is why it is very important to recognize the symptoms. Think of:

  • Sexual abuse;
  • Physical abuse;
  • Emotional abuse;
  • Mental abuse;
  • Financial exploitation;
  • Dehydration;
  • Malnutrition;
  • (Medical) malpractice;
  • Negligence;
  • Giving to much medication.

Fortunately, there are many nursing homes where this is not the case, nevertheless we should not underestimate this problem. It still happens too often.

If you suspect that someone is being mistreated by the nursing home (staff) on the basis of the above points, make sure that you call for legal help as soon as possible and see if you have a case. No idea what kind of lawyer to hire? Start your search with our relevant searches below.

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