Everything You Need to Know About Water Damage

As soon as a house or apartment is damaged by leaking water, we speak of water damage. Causes vary and there are various degrees. It is usually caused by a break in a water pipe. This can be caused by frost, rust, faulty construction or metal fatigue. Other reasons for water damage are excessive pressure on the drainage system, for example in case of heavy rainfall, a bath that overflows, a broken washing machine or the use of extinguishing water in case of fire. In this article, we focus on the serious cases of water damage.

What’s the Best Thing To Do When You Have Water Damage?
Shut off the main faucet and cut off the water supply. If there is a leak or flood, it is essential to stop the water supply as soon as possible. Usually you will find the main tap in the basement or in the fuse box. Check whether it is safe in the house, and if not, leave the living environment. In that case, shut off the electricity as well.

Inform the Homeowner Or Contact a Water Damage Contractor & the Insurance Company
If you live in a rental house, it is important to inform the homeowner quickly so that he can intervene. Also call in the insurance, so that they are aware of the problem. Most insurances have a 24/7 hotline for damage. Preferably document the damage with photos. You can submit these to the insurance company. Is the water damage getting out of hand? Then contact the fire brigade immediately. They will pump the water out of your house.

Bring Valuable Items to Safety
Valuable things like your passport or laptop need protection. Take them to a safe, dry place, preferably somewhere high up in the house. Only do this if you can reach this stuff safely. Make sure there are no electrical plugs in the water, this can be very dangerous!

Do This for A Successful Recovery
For a successful repair of water damage after a serious flood, the right action is crucial. This not only limits the damage, but also keeps the repair costs lower. The sooner the water is gone, the better. But also call in water damage experts, because they can help you save the furniture at an early stage. He or she has the right knowledge and the right equipment at his or her disposal.

Allow the Room to Dry Properly
If there is limited water damage, the heating has sufficient capacity to dry it properly. If it’s not raining, open the windows to limit the humidity inside. This speeds up the process and prevents the formation of mold. Anyone who does not have water damage treated in time by a specialist risks the formation of molds. Do not underestimate this, because a moist surface provides a perfect environment for mold growth. This can happen within a few days. If there is more water damage than average, it is better to call a professional drying company. Depending on whether the water has been drawn into the wall, floor, ceiling or insulation material, various actions are required. High-pressure cleaning can be an option, but vacuum methods, insulation drying or other specialist drying activities are also applicable.

Water damage isn’t a DIY project, so now there‚Äôs nothing left to do except searching online to find a quality water damage companies in your area.